Flooding from the River Amber

Flood map centered on Riversdale A610 area created 7 June (ref ER/E/E1/2628)

June 2012 - The Environment Agency have issued an updated flood zone map for the BASA and surrounding area

Note that the EA Flood Map is intended only as a guide. It is not designed to be accurate at any individual property level. 

Flooding on the A610 road

Flooding Monday June 27th 2007

The June 2007 floods left an abundance of debris along the river Amber embankment in this area. Much of which was still visible, contantly obstructing and minimizing the water flow.

In September 2010 on behalf of BASA June Ward contacted the environment Agency reporting this. Although the Environment Agency stressed it was not there function, over a period of 6 months they kindly cleared obstructions across the river Amber near the bridge adjacent to the Lord Nelson pub. Two further areas were cleared along the river Amber adjacent to Thacker wood.

If you are aware of falling trees/ obstacles which are likly to cause flooding please contact the landowner or raise the issue with Amber Valley District Council (01773) 841490, www.ambervalley.gov.uk/

BASA Committee member June Ward asked the Environment Agency if a chanel and bank top survey of the water course RE: Riversdale/ A610 area was feesable to eliviate any fears of future flooding to our area. This was agreed possible once funding was in place to under take the assessment.

July 2011 BASA was informed that the Environment Agency had introduced a new flood warning service for the river Amber in Ambergate and the surrounding area. The letter posted to home owners explained how people can register for FREE flood warnings and what actions they can take before and during flooding to minimize the impact. Also attached a questionnaire which they hoped people would complete and return - thus providing information about the flood event of 2007. 

January 2012 BASA Committee member June Ward contacted the Environment Agency for feedback from residents and businesses in the area regarding how many actually signed up for flood warning alerts/ how many questionaires were returned re 2007 flood.

11 of the 27 questionnaires were returned to the Environment Agency.

6 of the 27 properties signed up to the full flood warning service.

Flood warnings direct sign up on line


or call 08459881188

Do you need help or support to prepare for flooding?

Some people may need help or support to prepare for flooding. If the flood warning service is available in your area, the Environment Agency can arrange for any flood warnings to your property to also be delivered to a relative or friend, so that they are aware you may be in need of assistance. You can set this up by phoning Floodline on 0845 988 1188.

You could also consider contacting your local authority, as many of them keep a list of vulnerable people who might need extra support in a flood emergency situation.

The Channel and Bank Top Survey of the water course RE: Riversdale/ A610 area data finally materilised in May 2012. 

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