Lockwood Haulage

Lockwood Haulage from Bullbridge Hill after tree screen was felled

Planning Application AV/2009/0103 - An Overview

Within two weeks of its inception BASA became involved with this planning application, when local councillor Juliette Blake contacted us to say that she was being inundated with protests from residents, and hoped we could include it as an item at our inaugural meeting.

The high attendance at our first meeting was due in some part, we believe, to the anxiety aroused by this particular planning application.

At the meeting we presented hastily collected plans and maps, a list of objections from local residents, and photographs of the site. The attendees were asked for further objections or comments.

Because so few locals had been consulted we were very much in a position of catch-up. On the basis of all we had managed to collect so far, our Chairperson, Freda Raphael, presented an impressive objection to the planning department literally at the eleventh hour!

Over the next few weeks we discovered that much of the work being carried out by Lockwoods had already been approved in previous planning applications, and that further applications were already nearing completion. We quickly realised that the only effective strategy now would be in negotiating how the work was to be carried out rather than whether it should be.

We received an invitation to meet the director of Lockwoods and began a period of intense consultation with him and the planning officers that ultimately led to BASA withdrawing its objection, and the planning board allowing the development to proceed with many new constraints.

Because of residents' protests and action by BASA we have now established ourselves as a significant consultee in the works being carried out on this site and on a neighbouring, unrelated development. We can and still will make a difference.

We continue to meet Mr Lockwood at regular intervals, feeding back our concerns and complaints from residents, and monitoring the progress of the work being carried out with a particular regard to minimising nuisance and building a working relationship with Lockwoods that takes into account the community's needs while ensuring that the firm can continue to operate successfully.

A detailed history of the Lockwoods campaign will be available on this site very soon. Plus documents and correspondence associated with the campaign.

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I am supporting in every way possible the re-emergence of a strong national civic society movement that can unite our strong community voice ensuring that our concerns are heard and acted upon.

Laura Sandys
Daughter of Duncan Sandys, founder of the Civic Trust

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