Speed limit on the A610

The 1874 Pye Bridge Line railway bridge across the A610, looking from Bullbridge

Low railway bridge on the A610 and over-height lorries

Too many drivers ignore the warning signs

BASA has been supporting Councillor Juliette Blake in trying to get DCC to assist lorry drivers in not getting trapped in the narrow approach to the low bridge on the A610. The photo lower down on this page illustrates the problem facing drivers who have either ignored or misunderstood the warning signs.


You can read the emails between David Orton, of DCC Environmental Services, and Freda Raphael here.


A steam train on the Pye Bridge Line c.1960. Bullbridge hamlet and the Canal Inn are in the background, to the right of the photo.

So why not just demolish this bridge?

Several reasons ...

Firstly, it is part of the industrial heritage of Bullbridge and Sawmills. This bridge carried the Ambergate to Pye Bridge Line, opened on 1st February 1875, and closed under the Beeching Axe (Dr Beeching was a government minister) at Christmas 1968. The Pye Bridge Line linked the Midland Main Line with the Erewash Valley Line.

The industrial heritage of Bullbridge and Sawmills centres around transport history.

Secondly, just to the west of this bridge is a second bridge, carrying the main line railway between Derby and Sheffield. A vehicle striking the main line bridge would close the line until inspectors could test its safety. The old bridge acts as a safety buffer.

Thirdly, this low bridge does help to deter heavy vehiclript">es from using the A610 through Sawmills. Residents' lives are already blighted by the noise, vibrations, pollution and hazard from heavy traffic on the A610. Residents want to see streets and roads made safer, not busier.

Let's reclaim our streets!




Traffic regularly builds up at the A610 junction in Bullbridge

Oct 29: BASA letter to 'offending' speeders

Hello All

Attached is the final draft of the letter sent to those firms identified by BASA members as speeding thro' our area.

So far letters have been sent to:

Longcliffe; J C Balls; Leedale; AVBC; Veolia.

I can't find the local address for Tarmac, if anyone has it please send on to me.

Please forward the names of any other "offenders" and I will ensure they too receive a letter.

NB. Rob Lockwood is happy to have his name used in the letter as an example and has recently sacked a driver for his attitude to speeding.



4th June 2010, the A610 at the Bullbridge junction. An over-height lorry is trying to turn around after backing a hundred meters or so from the low bridge. Earlier, on 13th April, another over-height lorry demolished our brand new bus shelter just here.

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